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A Quick Introduction to Accounting
Practice Management Workflows

Being a great accountant is not the same as being able to run a great accounting business.

To be successful long-term, you need repeatable systems for moving work through your business efficiently. We call these systems “workflows,” and they are the lifeblood of a well-operating firm.


Bad (or No)
Workflows Result In

Inconsistent procedures
and inconsistent outcomes.

Confusion around who is doing what, and where they are in the process.

Duplicate tasks, extra communication, and additional labor costs.


Good Workflows Result In

Tasks being done the right
way every time

Clarity across your entire team about where a project is at any given time

Work moving smoothly from person to person with minimal communication


Enjoy! The Mango Team

11 Practice Management Workflow
Templates for Accounting Firms


Client Onboarding

Give every client an amazing experience from Day 1!

You just landed a new client. This is a make-or-break moment for the client relationship. Get it right, and you set yourself up for a long, profitable relationship. Get it wrong, and it can get your clients looking for alternatives. A good client onboarding workflow will align you, your client and your team - and make sure you’re giving them the best possible experience from the very beginning.


Monthly Bookkeeping

Precise books...every time.

From sending invoices, to reconciling bank accounts, to preparing payroll, there are dozens of tasks involved in doing the monthly books. A good bookkeeping workflow will make sure everyone’s on the same page at the same time...whether they’re in your office or on the other side of the world.


Monthly Accounting

What are the numbers saying?

It’s time to prepare financial statements, calculate performance metrics, and help your clients understand where they stand. A solid accounting workflow streamlines the process of generating reports and delivering the results to clients. Reviewing and revising your workflows here can save you serious time.


Year-End Review

End the year with clarity.

From gathering financial statements, to collecting past due invoices and forms, the end of the year is a busy time. Add to that, higher traffic and sales in a business, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. A rock solid End-of-Year Review workflow will help you wrap up the year faster and smoother.


Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

Most non-accountants don’t realize the number of steps involved in getting accurate paychecks out the door on time. Even small tweaks to your workflow can save significant time and minimize any mistakes.


Payroll Quarterly Tax Filing

Pay taxes on time, every time.

You’ve cut the checks, and withheld the correct amounts for federal/state income taxes, Social Security, and Medicare. Now it’s time to pay them. Keep all your i’s dotted and your t’s crossed with a templated payroll tax filing workflow.


Individual Tax Return

Avoid the chaos, and prep returns with ease.

There are so many little things that could go wrong when filing individual tax returns, you need a reliable standard operating procedure to ensure it gets done correctly. If your firm does more than a few dozen individual returns each year, you will see huge time savings by integrating your workflow into a practice management system.


Business Tax Return

Business tax returns made easy.

Half the challenge of filing business taxes is getting access to the necessary data. A good business tax prep and filing workflow will help keep both you and your clients on track, so the process is as smooth for both of you as possible.


Year-End Tax Planning

Minimize taxes while maximizing your time.

Accountants are often the last people to hear about significant changes in a client’s business or personal situation. The problem is, decisions made without an accountant involved can have huge implications for the client. To maximize your client’s tax benefits and minimize the chaos on your side, make sure you have a great year-end tax planning process in place.


Cash Flow Advisory

More cash, for your client (and you).

More and more accountants are moving into an advisory role with their clients, and for obvious reasons. It adds tremendous value to them, and creates a new, high-margin service for you. Use this cash flow advisory workflow to keep things moving perfectly.


Financial Statement Audit

Conduct perfect, profitable audits again and again.

Accountants thrive in the details, but a clunky workflow will slow even the pros down. Coordinate activities across your team, gather all the necessary information, and conduct a profitable audit by minimizing the time invested. It all starts with a streamlined workflow.


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