The Tax Season Compliance and Security Checklist:

7 Crucial Steps to Keeping Your Clients and Firm Secure

A Practical Guide for Modern Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Advisory Firms

At a typical accounting firm, there are so many things going on during tax season that it feels easy to skirt the usual rules and processes in the name of productivity. But when it comes to accounting firm compliance, there’s no room to deviate from standards any time of year, whether it’s tax season or not.

That’s because failure to stay in compliance can have dire consequences for your firm. Not only could you get hit with fines and legal action, but gaining a reputation as an organization that’s loose with sensitive data could tank your ability to find and keep new clients.

Fortunately, there’s a way to make compliance easy: simplify it into a concise list that covers all the necessary areas.

In this guide, we’ll provide a straightforward 7-step checklist to keep your accounting firm in compliance with the rules and regulations that govern accountants and their clients. Under each step, we’ll offer examples, context, and other details to know.